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120's 冬虫夏草胶囊 Cordyplus + Capsules

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    Cotton Plant

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    主治 Indications


    To tonify the lung and the kidney, reinforce qi, arrest bleeding and dissolve phlegm. Chronic cough, hemoptysis in phthisis and seminal emissions with aching of loins and knees. 

    成份 Ingredients

    Each 420mg capsule contains raw herbs as below:

    冬虫夏草菌粉 Cordyceps Mycellia……….420.00mg

    建议服量 Dosage

    每日服2-3次,每次2粒 。

    Take 2 capsules, 2-3 times daily.

    使用注意 Caution


    No known side effect and contraindication.