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Lingzhi Capsules Singapore

Lingzhi capsules in Singapore are specifically formulated to provide you with the goodness of Lingzhi in a convenient and easy-to-consume form. These capsules contain concentrated extracts of Lingzhi, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits of this potent herb. At our company, we take pride in offering premium Lingzhi capsules in Singapore. Our capsules are carefully manufactured using state-of-the-art processes to preserve the integrity and potency of the Lingzhi extract. Each capsule is packed with bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides, triterpenes, and antioxidants, which contribute to the wide range of health benefits associated with Lingzhi. By incorporating Lingzhi capsules into your daily routine, you can support various aspects of your health and well-being. Lingzhi is known to boost the immune system, promote overall vitality, support liver function, and enhance mental clarity. It is also recognized for its adaptogenic properties, helping the body adapt to stress and promoting a sense of balance and harmony. In Singapore, we are committed to delivering Lingzhi capsules that meet the highest quality standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity, safety, and effectiveness. We understand the importance of providing you with the best possible Lingzhi supplement to support your wellness journey. Unlock the potential of Lingzhi with Lingzhi capsules in Singapore. Experience the incredible health benefits of this revered herb and embark on a path towards optimal health and vitality. Embrace the power of Lingzhi capsules in Singapore. Trust in our premium products to enhance your well-being and enjoy the holistic benefits of this extraordinary medicinal mushroom.

60's 纯灵芝破壁孢子 Pure Lingzhi Cracked Spores

For Healthy, Beauty & Well Being

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     产品简介 Product Information

    灵芝最有效的部分是孢子粉。孢子粉具有非常显著的药用和补品价值,其中也含有丰富的主要活性成分之 —— 三萜。这使得灵芝孢子粉的疗效更甚于实体。然而,孢子粉具有一层极难被人体胃酸消化的外壁,只有打开这层外壁,由外壁紧裹的有效成分才能最大程度地人体利用吸收。憶思源破壁灵芝孢子胶囊,由完全破壁的灵芝孢子制成。能最大限度的提高人体对其营养成份的吸收率。适合体质虚弱的人士长期服用。

    Ganoderma Lucidum, the King of herbs, has a long history of use for promoting health, vitality and longevity. In Chinese, the name Lingzhi represents a combination of spiritual potency and essence of immortality.
    It is believed that the most effective part of Lingzhi is the spores. The spores are of very significant medicinal and tonic value. They are very rich in triterpenes, one of the main active constituent groups in Lingzhi. In fact, the spores are far more potent than even the fruiting body. Spores are, however, impossible for humans to digest due to their hard coating. They must be "cracked" by a modern technique to release the nutrients inside to our digestive system.
    YI SHI YUAN PURE LINGZHI CRACKED SPORES CAPSULES is a modern product made from fully cracked Lingzhi spores. It allows maximum absorption of nutrients by human body. It is especially recommended for people with physical weaknesses and suitable for long term consumption.

     成份 Ingredients

    Each 300mg capsule contains raw herbs as below:

    破壁灵芝孢子粉 Cracked Ganoderma Lucidum Spore……….300.00mg

     使用建议 Dosage


    For weaknesses: Take 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times daily.
    For general health care: 1 capsule, 1-2 times daily.

    使用注意 Caution


    No known side effect and contraindication.