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60‘s NMN18000焕新胶囊

修复DNA 提高免疫力

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    Product Descriptions产品简介

    Yi Shi Yuan NMN Capsules is made with pure and clinically proven NMN under strict GMP standards. It delivers the optimum levels of NAD+ in the body, thereby slowing down the adverse effects caused by cellular aging. Yi Shi Yuan NMN is the one to let you be embraced with full of youthful energy and wellness from the inside out. 






    Each capsule contains 300mg NMN (≥99%)


    Health Benefits健康益处

    1.       Improve health and longevity

    2.       Enhance immunity

    3.       Boost NAD+ levels and enhance DNA repair

    4.       Promote cellular rejuvenation and vitality

    5.       Support energy production and endurance

    6.       Optimize metabolism


    1.       改善健康,延缓衰老

    2.       增强免疫力

    3.       提高 NAD+ 水平,增強 DNA 修复

    4.       促进细胞再生和细胞活力

    5.       支持能量产生和耐力

    6.       优化新陈代谢功能


    Suitable for适用于

    1.       Elderly with poor sleep quality and weakness

    2.       Ladies who want to maintain a youthful appearance

    3.       Office workers and students who are overwhelmed

    4.       Adolescents who want to promote physical development

    5.       People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol

    1.       睡眠质量差,身体虚弱的银发族

    2.       想要保持年轻容貌的女士们

    3.       过度操劳的上班族和学生

    4.       想要促进身体发育的青少年

    5.       患有慢性疾病如糖尿病、高血压、高血脂的人群


    Recommended Dosage保健服法

    Take 2 capsules daily in the morning with warm water.



    Storage Directions保存方法

    Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.



    Packing Size

    300mg x 60 capsules

    300毫克 x 60胶囊